workerslunchtime started as a personal project, to explore the benefits of taking a break, to make the day job more creative and inspiring. 

Some stuff we've been involved in:

tours (food/heritage, sometimes at the same time)

  • Kirkgate Market, Leeds

  • Queensgate Market, Huddersfield

  • La Boqueria, Barcelona 


  • Pedalling Ideas September 2016. 

  • Bettakultcha January 2017

  • Leeds International Festival ~ Bettakultcha 2018

  • Leeds Mindful Employer Network May 2019


stuff we've been in:

other stuff

  • Personal Shopper ~ Compass Festival November 2016 

  • National Grid - Back to School Campaign September 2017 (Part of the Staff Wellbeing Program)

  • Retour Midday Walks August 2017

  • Workplace Wellbeing Calender

  • Redmayne Bentley Lunchtime Speaker Series 2017/18

  • Drawing Room at Kirkgate Market with Phil Dean January 2018

  • God's Own Ring Road - Road Trip around the pre '74 border of Yorkshire August 2018

  • Leeds Dock Walking Tours Series (River, Market, Nature) August 2019

  • School for Social Entrepreneurs Start-Up program 2019/20

  • Build Your Own Xmas Dinner December 2019

  • You Are Here Map Exhibition September 2020

  • Lost Pub Crawl - July 2021


Les Echos Weekend.png

featured in Les Echos (the French FT) Weekend article about micro-adventures

the workerslunchtime workplace calender, "seriously inspirational" Rob Walker, New York Times journalist and author of The Art of Noticing